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About Village Ghost

Village Ghost launched in November 2019 with their delicious Sato Lao rice wine, the first of its kind in the United States. Jot Voraphaychith, the founder, began introducing sato to restaurants and came up with a fun way to showcase the wine by making a cocktail, a play on the mojito which he named the 'Laojito.' It consists of Village Ghost Sato Lao rice wine, lime, club soda and a salted rim which is the Village Ghost seasoning. The seasoning combines Lao and Southeast Asian flavors such as; toasted rice, tamarind and other spices. As he introduced the wine he found that folks loved the Village Ghost seasoning just as much as the rice wine! Village Ghost seasoning has moved beyond cocktails and has evolved into three flavors, adding depth and flavor to any dish! We are so proud and excited to introduce our line of seasonings. We encourage everyone to use Village Ghost seasoning on everything and to take it everywhere. It is a unique and addicting blend of savory, tangy, and toasty!

Cheers and Huk Pang Gun!

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